Xiaomi Redmi K40: new line will be less confusing for users

Redmi K30

Xiaomi has done a fantastic job with its mid-range, however, it has the potential to confuse fans a lot. An example of this are the various elements of the Redmi K30 line, with various types of panels, various update rates and battery charging speeds.

Next year, we will get to know the new Xiaomi Redmi K40 which, according to Digital Chat Station, will be more uniform than the current models. From what is being advanced, all new Redmi K40s will arrive with high refresh rates on the screen and similar battery charging speeds.

Redmi K30

Redmi K40 line should arrive with 33W fast charging

Although Digital Chat Station does not come up with concrete figures for these technologies, another source gives us some indication of what to expect from fast loading speeds. According to a listing by the Chinese entity 3C, at least one of the new Redmi K40 will come with 33W fast charging.

Redmi K40 entity 3C

At no time did Digital Chat Station say that the new Redmi K40 would be superior, in these technologies, to the current Redmi K30. What has been advanced is that the next models will be more uniform, so it is possible that everyone will come to the market with the same 33W of fast charging.

Regarding your screen refresh rates, we still don’t have any information on what to expect. It is given the hint that none of them will arrive with a 60Hz panel, as it happened this year in some models.

It is also worth noting that the next Redmi K40 will be compatible with 5G mobile networks. An evolution that does not surprise anyone, leaving to know which processor will give this equipment this compatibility.

Some rumors point that the yet to be announced Snapdragon 775G will be one of the options. However, since the line usually has some variations, it is possible that other models with a lower SoC will be revealed, to further lower its price.

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