Xiaomi has promised a big bet on 5G for 2020, and this can be reflected in the K30 line of smartphones in its Redmi sub-brand. According to the reputed leaker Digit Chat Station, Redmi plans to discontinue the Redmi K30 4G.

Focus would only be on the 5G version of the Redmi K30

This would mean that the company would bet only on the 5G version of this equipment. It is good to remember that Redmi introduced the K30 in December in 4G version (with Snapdragon 730G) and 5G version (with Snapdragon 765G).

Redmi K30
Redmi K30 was launched in December in China. In India it is called Poco X2

This 4G version is already sold in India under the name Poco X2, and in China the two variants are still available. This means that those who do not want to pay more for 5G and a slightly more powerful processor, end up being able to make that choice.

The idea predicted by Digit Chat Station is that Redmi may be planning to launch a Redmi K30 5G cheaper than the current model. Allegedly this would be a “Lite” version of the equipment, which could reach between € 195 and € 260 in China.

The price of the Redmi K30 5G is 260 €, so a cheaper model would always cost less than this amount. This equipment could be the first to have a Dimensity 800 5G processor from Mediatek.

For now, you should keep in mind that these are just rumors. But with this possible uncertainty, we are in doubt with what name this equipment could reach Europe. If confirmed, it will be another model that will confuse consumers.

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