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After all there may be hope for Anthem's success.

Despite the great controversy surrounding the latest BioWare game. And being considered the studio's biggest fiasco,...

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How to activate spatial sound in the best Apple headphones

What is spatial audio Spatial audio (Spatial Audio in English) and audio 360 are different names that receive the same technology that little by little...

Huawei offers all these accessories for the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus

Huawei has been working on initiatives to make the public aware of its strong focus on...

Xiaomi prepares to follow Apple's footsteps with its version of the slofies

Apple was the first to bring the fashion of slofies to the market with the introduction of the iPhone 11 last September. After Samsung, it seems that Xiaomi will also follow in the footsteps of the US company.

The information comes to us through the staff of XDA Developers. They were able to find out from the camera application in MIUI references to a slow motion mode for the front camera.

Xiaomi Mi 9T

This camera will apparently be able to record 720p video at 120fps. Furthermore, it is advanced that Xiaomi will be studying ways to limit this functionality to some devices.

Slofies may not reach all Xiaomi smartphones

By limiting the slofies For some devices, Xiaomi will want to eliminate potential hardware incompatibilities. Today's mid-range cameras already have good quality front cameras, but not always the same for low-end cameras.

Although nothing is certain, this new feature could be introduced next week with the introduction of the Xiaomi CC9 Pro. According to the latest information, this lens will have a resolution of 32MP, but we all know that the quality of a camera will not measured only by the amount of megapixels.

In consisting of slofies?

Basically, this new term applies to slow motion video recording with the smartphone's front camera. This function is no different from what many smartphones already have in their main camera, but now migrates to the front.

Apple could simply have mentioned that their new iPhone could record in slow motion with the front camera. Apparently that was not enough for the brand and had to give it the nickname slofie.

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