Xiaomi prepares special smartphone to celebrate 8th anniversary

Xiaomi prepares special smartphone to celebrate 8th anniversary
Xiaomi Mi 8 Android Oreo 1 smartphone Xiaomi Mi 7
The supposed poster of presentation and dissemination of the smartphone Mi 8, the special edition.

It will no longer be a secret that Xiaomi is preparing its next high end Android. Be it Xiaomi Mi 8 or Xiaomi Mi 7, at this point the rumors are not yet consensual. However, there are several lessons we can draw from this.

The first is the existence of a Xiaomi Mi 8, whether or not it is a special edition (premium) from Xiaomi Mi 7 standard. Alternatively it is not unreasonable to think that the Xiaomi Mi 8 could completely replace a Xiaomi Mi 7.

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On a personal note, I consider the chances of this to be slim. I believe there is little justification for this, other than the fact that the company celebrated its 8th anniversary last April.

That is the only justification (advanced to date) for making such a decision – the launch of a Xiaomi Mi 8 and not a Xiaomi Mi 7. Personally I believe there is the high end Android called Mi 7, accompanied by a variant more premium, this one commemorating the 8 years of existence.

Xiaomi Mi 8 could replace Xiaomi Mi 7 in 2018

Truth be told, Xiaomi is so popular right now and with such a vast product portfolio that it is hard to believe it was born in 2010. Still, it is already the 4th largest manufacturer in Europe and the 4th largest manufacturer of Android mobile devices. Its impressive climb is due to its limited profit margin limited to 5% for each smartphone.

It is now a brand that we associate at very competitive prices, already dominating the market in India, the 2nd largest smartphone market in the world.

This is the supposed box of the next high-end smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer. We can see your logo very clearly.

Now, for 2018 it is believed that like Apple Xiaomi also launches a smartphone commemorating its anniversary. We had an iPhone X (celebrating the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and we could have an Mi 8 to celebrate the company's 10th anniversary.

Software – Android Oreo on Smartphone with MIUI 9.5

Indeed, to celebrate the 8th anniversary we would have a new Android smartphone. Note that unlike the number "4", the number "8" has a very special meaning. More concretely, it is considered a symbol and foreshadowing of good luck.

In terms of technical features, we will undoubtedly have Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 processor with Google's Android Oreo platform. It will also have 6GB to 8GB of RAM inside.

The top version is also expected to hit the market with the biometric sensor / fingerprint reader already under the screen. Now we just have to know if after Mi 6 we will have a Xiaomi Mi 7 or Mi 8. Hoping to see what the future holds.

The Chinese company has already confirmed a presentation event here on May 31, 2018. Sales will start a few days later.

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