Xiaomi prepares new smartphone to further confuse consumers

Xiaomi prepares new smartphone to further confuse consumers

We have already repeatedly criticized the launch policy of Xiaomi and its sub-brands Redmi and Poco. At issue, is the fact that the three constantly launch the same equipment, but with different designations.

Unfortunately, this scenario will repeat itself shortly with the launch of the Xiaomi Redmi K30S. In addition to being another member for this line of equipment, this model will be nothing more than a Xiaomi Mi 10T with a different name.

Xiaomi Redmi K30S and Xiaomi Mi 10T will be the same product in different markets

Xiaomi launched the new Mi 10T line a few weeks ago. Some of them come with high-end specifications, however, their price will be direct competition for several mid-range models.

This spectrum included the Xiaomi Mi 10T with a Snapdragon 865 processor, display with 144Hz refresh rate and a triple camera. A set that will also be the heart of the new Redmi K30S.

Another interesting detail about this Redmi K30S comes to us through the well-known leaker Digital Chat Station. According to him, the new equipment will cost less than the Redmi K30 Ultra, that is, just over 200 €.

Looking at the price you guessed before, the price of K30S is much lower than you think. Those who can’t buy the K30U and like to play large-scale mobile games can squat a bit, and the sustained performance of the Snapdragon 865 is still better than Tianji.

– Digital Chat Station (@StationChat) October 21, 2020

The less good part of this story is the fact that the Redmi K30S is intended for China only. That is, in Europe we will have the Xiaomi Mi 10T, while in China the Redmi K30S will be sold, but they are both the same smartphone. Confused? So you’ve already figured out where I’m going.

All of this would make more sense if Xiaomi and its sub-brands set a goal. That is, Xiaomi could be the brand aimed at the European market, while Redmi could focus its attention on emerging markets, such as India.

The problem is that the two brands are present in both markets, with no pattern. Although you can buy several Redmi models in UK and Europe, there are a handful that do not reach our market.

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