Home Mobile Xiaomi prepares a smart scarf with automatic heating!

Xiaomi prepares a smart scarf with automatic heating!

Xiaomi prepares a smart scarf with automatic heating!

A scarf is meant to protect us from the cold, but Xiaomi has filed a patent for a scarf that will (literally) warm you when it detects that the weather is cold.

The gadget is the true wearable and will have sensors that will be able to detect the temperature to automatically warm the user when it begins to cool. That is, look at this scarf as if it were a walking "warmer"!

Xiaomi Scarf

Patent shows what Xiaomi's smart scarf will look like

We only have risks with numbers, but in a brief explanation, the scarf will have a date of sensors that will make the wearable truly intelligent.

This scarf is expected to have a connection to the smartphone so that the user can set at what temperature he wants the scarf to start working.

Xiaomi Scarf

We don't know just how the gadget will be loaded. We realize that the scarf will have small inner "threads" that will give the necessary heat and even such a temperature sensor. We should also have a small internal chip to connect to the smartphone via bluetooth.

Finally, we also don't know how it will be done for the gadget to be washed. After all a scarf is also washed. Still, Xiaomi has already given us identical gadgets with the possibility of going to the water. In short, we really have to wait for this gadget to hit the market.

A patent does not guarantee the product

Unfortunately this patent does not guarantee us that Xiaomi will actually bring the product. I remember that the patent only safeguards the technology that the brand has been working on and does not guarantee us that it will be converted into a product.

Still, it would be no wonder that the Chinese brand would bring us this products in the near future. Xiaomi is a manufacturer that connects to far more products than just smartphones and this is a perfect example of it.

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