Xiaomi: Poco F1 will have a “real” successor soon! Xiaomi admits that the F2 Pro is not worthy!

Xiaomi Poco F1

The Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro is not a successor equal to the Poco F1. These were Xiaomi’s words when asked if the F2 Pro would reach the Indian market.

The brand said it is working on a smartphone that identifies more with the ideology of the first smartphone. That is, a top of the range with a price well below the competition.

What’s wrong with the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro

Xiaomi Poco F1

The smartphone is fantastic in many ways. In fact, I dare to say that it is one of the best purchases you can make at this moment if you want a high-end mobile phone with fantastic quality.

However, its price is far from competing with the old Poco F1. The first model arrived with top-of-the-range specifications and a price of around 300 €. The Poco F2 Pro arrived with a value of around € 500 (for the launch in UK the price was € 650).

POCO director Anuj Sharma said that: “The Poco F1 was a smartophone that changed the market and consumers expect the same from the successor. The Poco F2 Pro is not that device. We are working to bring a real successor to Poco F1, but it will take time to develop it“.

When will the successor of the Xiaomi Poco F1 arrive

Xiaomi Poco F1

With these words we can see that the successor to the Xiaomi Poco F1 will not arrive this year. It also remains for us to know whether Poco will actually manufacture a smartphone, as happened with the Poco F1, or if it will simply change the name to another smartphone from Xiaomi or Redmi. A strategy that we are not fans of.

In short, this is good news for all those who still hold out with the fantastic Xiaomi Poco F1. The successor is to come. The real successor!

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