Last year was responsible for making some pop-up camera smartphones popular. The most successful cases were probably OnePlus 7 Pro and Mi 9T Pro.

This year this design should be abandoned by the manufacturers, but Xiaomi seems not to have forgotten it. This is because Xiaomi has now seen patents filed for three new smartphones with pop-up cameras. And the big highlight goes to a device with a total of seven cameras.

These patents were granted through the China National Intellectual Property Organization, and all models feature a pop-up camera that appears to occupy about 70% of the top of the smartphone.

One of the models has two front and two rear cameras in the pop-up mechanism.

In all models, we see two front cameras. The difference is that one has two rear chambers, the other three and one with a total of five rear chambers.

The other two models hold two front cameras, but have three (left) and five rear cameras (right)

With the cameras embedded in this pop-up mechanism, we see in the patent devices that do not have any notch or hole. The margins are quite small, and the buttons are all placed on the right side of the device.

The truth is that the Mi 9T were quite popular devices. However, housing all cameras in such a system can be questionable in terms of quality and durability. It will be interesting to see if this concept will eventually see the light of day.

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