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Xiaomi: patent shows how your foldable smartphone could be!

It is no longer the first time that Xiaomi is said to have a foldable smartphone in its hands. Today we have a clear idea of ​​what the brand is working on.

A new patent shows us what the foldable smartphone that Xiaomi is preparing. A device that folds in 3 and from a smartphone becomes an authentic tablet.

Xiaomi patent of foldable smartphone

foldable smartphone from Xiaomi
Image credit: Let’s Go Digital

We can see that the smartphone doubles in 3. That is, it is like “sandwich” when it is fully folded. When unfolded it is a typical tablet.

Patent Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone
Image credit: Let’s Go Digital

In the patent we see again the “hole in the screen” for the front camera. That is, the new camera technology built into the screen is not expected to arrive on this smartphone.

A patent is just that

Still, we have to be down to earth. This patent does not guarantee that the first foldable smartphone will be like this. In fact, we may never see him go out on the market.

The patent guarantees Xiaomi that all the work it took to develop the smartphone is not used by its competitors.

Xiaomi has already shown us a foldable smartphone in a video

Some time ago, when folding smartphones were still a promise, Xiaomi released a video with its CEO playing with a folding smartphone.

This model was nothing like what we see in this patent. Therefore, we realize that Xiaomi has work on multiple models to understand which will be the best for the launch.

Foldable smartphones are beginning to gain more prominence in the market. This market that Samsung leads by leaps and bounds. However, something tells me that next year will be interesting in this category.

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