In September last year, Xiaomi unveiled the Mi MIX Alpha, a smartphone with a design never seen before. For the more distracted, it arrives with an incredible screen that involves almost the entire smartphone, resulting in a screen / body ratio of 108%.

Although Xiaomi has stated that the original Mi MIX Alpha would hit the market and was ready for mass production, it has not yet happened. Now, a new patent reveals the design of a new smartphone that appears to be a more commercial version of the Mi MIX Alpha.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2

As impressive as the smartphone is, it is not difficult to think of dozens of situations in which its design would be a nightmare during daily use. This new model continues to feature a screen that completely surrounds the sides of the smartphone, but does not cover its rear. This type of approach is certainly more feasible on a daily basis, and will certainly reduce your price.

The original Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha may never reach the masses, but that’s not a bad thing!

Despite the brand’s promises, alleged production problems continue to delay the Mi MIX Alpha’s arrival on the market. But even if that happens, it will not be available to all users. First of all, we would hardly see it reaching Europe, and its price of around € 2,500 is surreal for the overwhelming majority of users.

Thus, it could even be good for users if Xiaomi decided to put the launch of the original model on the market. In this way, they could focus on developing a model similar to what we see in this patent. As I mentioned, this approach with regard to its design, would make it much more practical and certainly cheaper.

Mi Mix Alpha 2

In addition to the screen that surrounds the sides of the smartphone, the patent also presents two details about the rest of its design, one of which is the 3.5mm Jack audio input. However, it is quite clear that the patent focuses on your screen, since the USB-C input is missing for charging.

The representation of your photographic module also seems to be unrealistic. A high-end smartphone with a price well above the average, should not reach the market with just two sensors. We recently saw the Galaxy Z Flip arrive with a dual main camera, but this option was taken in view of the fact that it is a foldable smartphone.

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