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Xiaomi MIUI 12 will have a new feature that you will love!

Xiaomi smartphones with Xiaomi MIUI 12 will receive a feature that will be very interesting. Following the ideology of the new iOS 14 and Google Pixel smartphones, Xiaomi will implement “back touches” on your smartphone.

This “back touch” will give the smartphone information to perform a task. For example, you can configure two taps to open the camera or the messaging application.

How “back touch” will work on Xiaomi MIUI 12

Xiaomi MIUI 12 Back Tap

You will be able to choose in the settings what you want the touch to do. You have the possibility to define two back touches or three.

After that, you will have a list of possibilities. From taking a screenshot, turning on the flashlight, accessing notifications, the control panel or activating the camera.

We still don’t have the option to open an application that you have on your smartphone. For example, the messaging application. However, I do not think it is too complicated for Xiaomi to implement this possibility.

Which Xiaomi smartphones will receive the feature

Xiaomi smartphone

There is not yet a complete list of devices that we are sure will receive the functionality. However, it is expected that all equipment with MIUI 12 can receive it.

Still, on iOS 14, for example, the iPhone SE did not receive the feature while all other iPhones did. We don’t know if it was an Apple choice or if you need certain hardware for that.

The news is expected to arrive in the next few weeks in the MIUI 12 updates. So stay tuned, we will also stay and as soon as the update arrives we will also let you know.

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