Xiaomi Mi TV Stick Review: say goodbye to Google Chromecast

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers that is most concerned with delivering quality products at a reduced price. It is for that same reason that, when I heard that they were going to launch the Mi TV Stick and learned about its features, I couldn’t resist testing it and bringing you my conclusions about this product.

THE Mi TV Stick it is a dongle with Android TV. What you notice as soon as you take it out of the box is that it is a discreet product with a small size. And after getting it up and running, you know you’re using a product that drops Chromecast. This is because it costs the same, and offers you much more.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick
This is the contents of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick box

For 39.99 € on sale at Mi Store UK, this device offers you a quality streaming experience. You have access to the main apps through the Google Play Store, streaming at 1080p and a command for a very intuitive navigation.

Strengths of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick:

  • Built-in Chromecast;
  • Android TV for a reduced price;
  • Command for navigation with dedicated buttons from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Google Assistant;
  • Access to the Google Play Store and the possibility to install external applications;
  • Portability.

Weaknesses of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick:

  • Does not stream content at 4K;
  • It only has a 1 GB of RAM;
  • It only has 8 GB of storage (5.2 GB available)
  • The box is missing an HDMI extension

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

As you noticed, there are more positives than negatives of these products. The truth is that if you have a 4K Smart TV, Xiaomi Mi Box S may be a better option. But if that is not the case or if you just want a device to stream at home or if you are traveling, this is the perfect equipment for the price.

It is more compact than the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and easily connects it via HDMI to the desired equipment. To feed it, bring a micro-USB to USB-A cable, which you can connect directly to the TV. If the TV in question does not have that option, you have a power adapter in the box.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick
Xiaomi Mi TV Stick at the back of the TV

My experience with the Mi TV Stick was quality

I am an unconditional fan of Android TV as an operating system. Although it has Smart TVs with its own operating system at home, devices like this make the difference, because the collection of available applications is much greater.

If your possible use for such a product is to have simple access to services such as Netflix, HBO UK, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, Kodi, IPTV, Spotify, this will serve you perfectly. However, you should note that you will only have a maximum resolution of 1080p on these services.

Xiaomi mi TV Stick

The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is ideal for streaming. As for games, forget about heavy games

This is a product focused on streaming, and it is worth mentioning that it is not the most suitable for games. Of course, you can install them, and the lighter ones will work without problems. But just 5.2 GB of storage also doesn’t give you much leeway.

Operator apps should also run smoothly on this product. Vodafone and NOWO have their solutions available for download in the Play Store of the equipment. Unfortunately, the new MEO app is not yet available for this device (but you can install it on the Mi Box S).

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

This is a small product and without any external antenna. This means that it should not be placed too far from your router to have a good experience. In my case, I didn’t have any connection problems, even with the router being placed in the next room (about 4 meters with a wall in the middle).

Despite its qualities, this is an equipment that is not perfect. Its design can get you into trouble if you put it on the back of the TV with more HMDI ports on the side, as it takes up more space. What Xiaomi should have done was, like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, bring an HDMI extension cable in the box. This need will be even more evident if you have your TV directly attached to the wall. However, if you buy this extension, any of these problems are resolved

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the elephant in the room of this Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. But I prefer the Xiaomi solution, because it offers something very similar, but with a more ‘universal’ operating system – Android TV in conjunction with Google Assistant.

Xiaomi mi TV Stick
The controller is a great asset of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is a better option compared to Google Chromecast

If you are thinking of buying a Chromecast, you should look at this Xiaomi Mi TV Stick seriously. With it, you will not need to use your smartphone, functioning as a truly independent device.

If you are looking for a reliable product, with Android TV, and with the goal of streaming at a low price, this is the product to buy. If you need to have a slightly higher performance and want 4K and play some titles, the Xiaomi Mi Box S may be a better option. You can purchase both at Mi Store UK – the Mi TV Stick for € 39.99 and the Mi Box S for € 69.99.

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