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Xiaomi Mi Robot: the full review 2020

Smartphones, action-cams, scooters, bracelets and connected watches, TV boxes … the manufacturer Xiaomi really occupies all terrains. After our review of the Xiaomi M365 super scooter, this time we are interested in the Mi Robot, a robot vacuum cleaner that is talked about on the Web. The main reason is that it is very regularly sold around 260 euros and that it embeds recent and efficient technos. We are thinking here of the laser rangefinder and the Wi-Fi connection. The online sales site Gearbest sent us a copy of this model in review. So let’s take a closer look.

Let’s go there in four ways, under the air of low-end robot vacuum cleaners, the Mi Robot is a monster. First strong point, the laser rangefinder and its sensors integrated at the front give it excellent precision in its cleaning. The movement pattern is very basic since the device moves in a zigzag, bouncing on each wall or obstacle, but the coverage remains very good.

Cheap and yet smart

This can be appreciated in particular thanks to a second strong point: its Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to this and to the Xiaomi Mi Home application (compatible with Android and iOS), it is possible to launch a remote cleaning or program the vacuum cleaner more easily than using the traditional buttons on the device.

Small aside on the subject of the Wi-Fi connection: everything is done in English (or Chinese) and you have to choose the region of Hong Kong. Indeed, if you indicate that you live in a European country, for example, the Wi-Fi setting procedure does not work – at least when we review this product. Anyway, once the connection is established, it is possible to judge fairly concretely the intelligence of the vacuum cleaner.

Like the Deebot R95MKII, the Xiaomi Mi maps the room in which it operates and which can be viewed on the smartphone screen. This map is obviously updated each time you move a piece of furniture.

During our reviews, despite the configuration of our living space (a living room open to a kitchen), we were very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the work of this low-cost robot vacuum cleaner. The parts coverage is precise and complete. On each pass, he goes around the central island, the coffee table and, above all, does not get tangled in the window curtains or hang on the legs of the chaise longue on our sofa. Two obstacles that have been a failure for many vacuum cleaners.

All in all, this vacuum cleaner is therefore efficient and it is mainly thanks to an efficient suction system as well as its side brush large enough to clear the corners and plinths of walls. Note that four cleaning modes are available (Quiet, Balanced, Turbo and Max), to use more or less power … with more or less noise. And know that this robot vacuum cleaner is not the quiereview there is.

Obviously, these modes use (also) more or less the battery. Good news for that matter, in “Balanced” mode (the mode we have used the most) we assess the autonomy at more than 2 hours. And our space of around 35 m² (useful surface to be cleaned) was cleaned in around 40 minutes.

A good application

The Xiaomi app offers other interesting functions. There is, for example, the possibility of cleaning a specific area of ​​the room using a “spot” mode. Nothing very original you say, others do. But here, the application also offers a remote control mode that allows you to control the vacuum cleaner from the smartphone. For example, after dinner, it is possible to move the vacuum cleaner as close as possible to the table and then, as desired, do a quick cleaning by controlling it via the application, or else launch a “spot” mode so that ‘it cleans the area.

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