Xiaomi Mi Pad 3: the full review 2020

    Xiaomi Mi Pad 3: the full test

    Known especially for its smartphones, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi also offers tablets including this third iteration of its Mi Pad model currently sold at the importer Gearbest for less than 250 euros, after a recent price drop.
    The use of the word Pad by Xiaomi is not trivial as this 7.9 inch tablet in 4/3 format looks like the iPad Mini from Apple. Like the latter, its design is really neat with an aluminum back.

    Xiaomi Mi Pad 3

    We also appreciated the curvaceous lines which make the grip pleasant.

    Xiaomi Mi Pad 3

    We note the presence of a USB Type-C connector at the bottom of the tablet, as well as an audio jack connector at the top.

    Xiaomi Mi Pad 3

    In contrast, the Mi Pad 3 does not have a microSD card reader, which prevents further storage. Fortunately, Xiaomi has provided 64 GB of internal memory, including 53 GB available to the user as well as the possibility of plugging in a USB Host key. Also note the absence of a GPS module on this model.

    Very high definition for the 7.9 inch screen

    The other common point with the iPad Mini concerns the high definition of the IPS screen: 2048 x 1536 pixels. The display quality is at the rendezvous with a brightness of 449 cd / m² and a contrast ratio of 1340: 1, higher than that of the iPad mini 4 (968: 1). If the 4/3 format proves to be well suited for surfing the Web and viewing photos, it is not ideal for videos that are in 16/9 format, hence the appearance of horizontal black bands.

    Xiaomi Mi Pad 3

    Navigation in Android 7.0 turns out to be smooth and the MIUI 8.2 overlay does not weigh down the system. The tablet has a MediaTek MTK8176 processor – 6 cores up to 2.1 Ghz – as well as 4 GB of RAM. A configuration powerful enough to run most applications and even play in good conditions. In terms of endurance, the Xiaomi tablet is doing quite well with, according to our measurements, 10 hours of operation in multipurpose use (surfing the Internet, viewing photos, playing videos) and more particularly 10 h 39 min in video playback. Very satisfactory scores.

    Average photo results

    The Mi Pad 3 has 5 megapixel front and 13 megapixel photo sensors on the back and front. Unfortunately, the latter is far from offering the image quality of the iPad Mini 4.

    Xiaomi Mi Pad 3

    The shots are correct outdoors, but lack a bit of sharpness. This defect is amplified indoors when the light dims, with the appearance of digital noise. 1080p videos are not detailed enough and suffer from slight image shake due to lack of stabilization. Bad surprise, it is not possible to access the settings of the shooting application, for example to change the definition of the image. The interface turns out to be minimalist with just the choice between certain effects to personalize the shots.


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