Xiaomi Mi Note 3: Enable you to win this Android smartphone

Xiaomi Mi Note 3: Enable you to win this Android smartphone

Xiaomi Mi Note 3: Enable you to win this Android smartphoneThe Xiaomi Mi Note 3 is one of the most interesting devices in the Android world. The handset offers sublime build quality, good specifications and a good price.

But today I won't tell you that you can buy it for "x" or "y". You will have the opportunity to win one of these by participating in EBox Patreon.

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Our Patreon helps the project continue to grow sustainably. It is not easy to be independent and have a say these days. In addition to relying on non-intrusive advertisements on our website, the value of Patreon helps us pay some of your monthly expenses.

Participating in EBox Patreon is simple and everything will be clear below. This month's Patron Prize is the Xiaomi Mi Note 3, a smartphone that has stood out and continues to stand out in the Android world.

Are you ready to win the Xiaomi Mi Note 3?

With the arrival of Xiaomi to UK you can already buy brand terminals in physical store. Unfortunately this Xiaomi Mi Note 3 is not available in Ireland, but you can take a look at the banner below which products and prices are for sale.

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What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform that allows followers of content producers to help the project in a monetary way. In certain situations, producers offer certain "prizes" or "rewards" for all the help of patrons.

How can I help with Patreon?

Just create a Patreon account, choose how much you want to contribute and connect (associate) your Paypal account. The amount is debited monthly (or only once depending on the mode you choose), but there is no contract, you can activate or deactivate Patreon whenever you want. If you feel like contributing this month, perfect, if you don't want to go to the next one, you're welcome.

What day is the amount debited?

The amount is debited on the first day of each month. In order to keep you from investing in equipment you don't want, next month's hobby prizes will be published after that "1" day.
That is … When you "buy" today the entries for the hobby only on day 1 will be deducted from your PayPal account, so only after day 1 will we be able to check whether or not the payment has been met and whether yours participation is valid or not.

How can I disable my Patreon?

Disabling the Patreon account is as simple as activating. Just go to your account and deactivate the payment. A simple click.

How do I know if I won the Patrons hobby prize?

Every month on the first LivePodcast (live every Monday on our YouTube channel) we will do the giveaway. We will also make an article indicating the winner.

How do you send the prize to the winner?

All patrons are required to have their email address and address. The prize is sent by regular mail with a reference number to know where your order is.

I live outside UK, can I be a patron?

You can! Initially we are open to all registrations in the world. Please note, however, that the prize is shipped from the UK, so it may take up to 15 days to reach your home. At this stage we will also understand what it will be like to ship to other countries outside Europe, assessing whether or not we will have a problem with shipping.

Are hobby prizes new and guaranteed?

No. All gadgets in the Patron EBox hobby are used by the team in their review / analysis. As such, they may contain risks of normal use.
We realize perfectly well that no one likes a scratched smartphone, so we select all those who are in a better state. The equipment also has no warranty. Being review smartphones, it's something we can't afford.

And how is the Xiaomi Mi Note 3?

The handset has risks of normal use but nothing relevant to mention. The terminal is made of glass and in reviews we do not use any kind of protections to understand how easily the device can scratch. The loader is not UK’s, but nothing that an old "plug" doesn't solve.

What are EBox's goals with Patreon?

The goal is to give EBox patrons a chance to win a gadget, be it a smartphone or any other low priced device. It is still able to afford the expenses of servers, staff, travel to events and purchase of new material for video production, for example.

Where can I register?

To register for Patreon just follow this link and create an account. Choose how many entries you want and how much monthly you intend to donate to EBox.

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