Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha Wins Millionaire Innovation Award

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha

Xiaomi has a habit of promoting its annual technology awards. This year was no exception, and the big winners of the million dollar grand prize were the team that developed the Mi MIX Alpha.

The award was welcomed by Lu Weibing, Redmi leader and vice president of Xiaomi. Along with the award, Xiaomi has revealed which criteria are needed to win.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha
Mi MIX Alpha Development Team Wins $ 1 Million Prize

Product must be original and meet Xiaomi’s vision

The winner of the Million Dollar Technology Award must be a team of no more than ten people. To win, you need to have developed an original, first-class product that has the characteristics that identify with Xiaomi’s strategy.

Remember that the Mi MIX Alpha was introduced to the public in September, with what became known as the surround screen. It has no front camera, no side buttons, and the screen extends to the rear, leaving only room for the line where your cameras are housed.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha

Design is the great asset of this smartphone which, for now, is just a concept. Not yet on the market, but it was the first smartphone to be announced with the much-talked about 108MP sensor developed in conjunction with Samsung, which would later be placed on the Mi Note 10.

Like the device itself, the advertised price for the Mi MIX Alpha is a real ‘bomb’. The brand announced that it would be sold at a limited price of around 2600 euros, which puts it within the reach of very few wallets.

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