Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha. First impressions video reveals a ‘future’ with defects

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha. First impressions video reveals a ‘future’ with defects

Whenever youtuber Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) releases a new video, the community looks at it very seriously. That’s why Xiaomi knows that this is the right man to show the world the first impressions of the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha.

In an extensive video, we finally got to know several details after a normal use of this smartphone announced in September as a concept. Bear in mind that it will be sold in limited quantities in some markets for values ​​around 2500 euros.

The Mi MIX Alpha box is rich, luxurious and shows great attention to detail. This means that the experience of unboxing is to remember, like the first times you come across a smartphone with the screen spilling over to the rear.

Panel volume controls are still far from perfect

Through the sidebar, the user has access to notifications, leaving almost the entire front screen available for your content. It is also on the side that the volume controls are made, which, as you can see in the video, do not work properly. That’s how you can also turn on the phone’s screen, which still has a physical button on top.

If you think we’re seeing a curved panel, go ahead. Xiaomi combined several panels to make that impression. And, as you can see in the video, it turns out to be remarkable.

Selfies with 108MP lens on the Mi MIX Alpha

This is a device that should be seen as very sensitive, and it has the possibility of using the 108MP main camera to take selfies on the extension of its screen to the rear.

In the end, we didn’t expect this to be a perfect device. It is a concept that will be acquired only by enthusiasts with purchasing power to do so, and that shows the futuristic vision of Xiaomi. Whether it will be viable in the future, we don’t know. That Xiaomi differentiated itself in this model, that we cannot deny.

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