Home Mobile Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Name May Be At Risk! Is this why the delay?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Name May Be At Risk! Is this why the delay?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Name May Be At Risk! Is this why the delay?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 might have another name! This is because Xiaomi lost a court case in China that prohibited Xiaomi from using the word "Mix" on their smartphones.

Apparently that name had been previously registered by another company and since the launch of the first "Mix" that Xiaomi has been in court trying to resolve the situation. Well, failed.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Is this why the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is late?

It's not normal yet to know very little about the next high end of Xiaomi. The brand CEO has already mentioned that it will be a terminal worth waiting for. However, with this decision it seems that Mix may not appear.

Is this the end of Xiaomi's "Mix" range?

It is worth noting that the name "Mix" has only been banned from use in China, but the "Mix" range is so important to Xiaomi that I don't see the company using one name in China and another in Europe.

It may even be that for the release of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 this happens. After all the smartphone must already be built. However, I do not think this will happen in the future.

A new range would not be a problem

Still, I don't think Xiaomi will have much trouble renaming the Mix range. Brand fans know why they follow and buy this line. Irreverence and avant-garde will are watchwords. Therefore be it "Mix", "ultra", "Max" is indifferent.

We know that every year we will have a terminal that will be different from all others and will put the smartphone market in the right direction. We can only know whether or not this year we will have the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

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