Xiaomi Mi Home application gains new features with Android 11

Xiaomi Mi Home

If you have Xiaomi smart products, you should also have the Xiaomi Mi Home application on your smartphone. This is the application to find and control all Xiaomi gadgets.

That is, if you want to turn lights on or off, or adjust the intensity. Incidentally, you still have the possibility to connect gadgets to Xiaomi’s electric toothbrush to define details of the wash.

Xiaomi Mi Home gets new feature with Android 11

Xiaomi Mi Home

Some users who already have Android 11 and the Xiaomi Mi Home app have noticed a new feature that you are sure to like.

With Android 11 you will not need to enter the application to control the Xiaomi lights. Instead, just click the On / Off button and you will have a shortcut to your Xiaomi smart gadgets with shortcuts.

That is, if you need to turn on a light, you will not need to open the application to do so. You just need to click on the on / off button and you will have the shortcut to the lights.

This is a new feature of Android 11, however, we had no idea that Xiaomi would launch its gadgets for this location in the Operating System.

Xiaomi’s smart gadgets are a wise buy

Xiaomi smart bulbs

I am happy to see Xiaomi evolving considerably in its smart gadgets. I am a user of some branded lights and I have to admit that it is difficult (if not impossible) to find gadgets of this quality at the price being sold.

Among them, Xiaomi’s LED strip that is RGB and smart. You also have the E27 Yeelight lamp that gives us an excellent quality of light and colors that only Phillips can match.

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