Xiaomi continues to bet strongly on the launch of several gadgets, especially with the recent Mi Fan Festival event, which this year celebrates the manufacturer’s 10th anniversary. One of the products recently launched by the brand is the Xiaomi Mi Elegant Mouse, which offers its users a design premium with matching performance.

This is not Xiaomi’s first mouse and, interestingly, it comes with a design that mixes elements from its previous models. The Mi Elegant Mouse arrives with a design similar to the popular Mi Wireless Mouse 2, but with a thinner shape that will considerably improve its portability and comfort of use.

Xiaomi wireless mouse

The “icing on the cake” is the price of the Xiaomi Mi Elegant Mouse

This new mouse from Xiaomi has everything to be a real success, especially because in addition to its aluminum construction and a very attractive design, it has a price that will be difficult to resist. Its official price on the Chinese market is around € 13, making it almost impossible to find something of this cheap level.

However, it is important to highlight the fact that its price has only been revealed to China. Although it is likely that the Xiaomi Mi Elegant Mouse will become available in Europe, it is certain to have a much higher price. Still, if it arrives at twice the price (around € 25), it will continue to offer excellent value for money.

Xiaomi Mi Elegant Mouse

What else has the new Xiaomi mouse to offer

In addition to the details confirmed so far, we know that performance will not be an issue. The Mi Elegant Mouse has an optical sensor that supports up to 1,000 DPI and 2.4GHz and Bluetooth wireless connection. If the user wishes, he can connect the mouse to two computers simultaneously.

Regarding its autonomy, it does not come with an integrated battery, but the two AA batteries will guarantee a autonomy of up to 12 months in wireless connection or up to 9 months when using Bluetooth.

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