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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 to Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will have an important novelty implemented

Xiaomi is preparing a new addition to its smartbands, Xiaomi Mi Band, which is extremely relevant these days. According to the information, Xiaomi Mi Band 2, 3, 4 and Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will be able to measure the user’s temperature.

That is, in addition to the features they already give us, Xiaomi is preparing to bring us an update for smart bracelets that will give us more concrete information about the user’s health status.

Xiaomi Mi Band will give useful information for the fight against Covid-19

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

It goes without saying that this implementation is very important in the current situation in which we live. One of the most recurrent symptoms in the Covid-19 virus is patients’ fever. If Xiaomi Mi Band manages to help users realize that something is not right with their body, it may be another way to be able to diagnose the virus ahead of time.

In addition, winter is coming. In other words, here is another useful tool for Xiaomi Mi Band users to have concrete information about their health status.

When the update will arrive on smartbands

There is still no information about the new implementation. We only know that Xioami is working on it due to code found in the bracelet firmware (Xiaomi Mi Band 2 up to Xiaomi Mi Band 5).

Thus, we can believe that its implementation should not be limited to hardware. Still, we have to keep in mind that the bracelets were not designed with that functionality in mind. In other words, it is entirely plausible to imagine that the results of the fever measurement are not 100% correct. We’ll see.

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