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Xiaomi Mi A3 users are furious with Xiaomi! And with reasons for that!

The Xiaomi Mi A3 is one of the intermediate smartphones that is worth the investment right now. For good reason the terminal was as successful as it was at launch. Already there we will talk about it.

However, not all mobile phone users are satisfied with Xiaomi’s work in this segment. One reason is that the brand still does not update device software to Android 10.

Xiaomi Mi A3 convinces by Android One

Xiaomi is one of the brands that invested in Android One. A system identical to Google’s Android Pixel. That is, the purest version for Android smartphones not made by Google.

One of the best promises of these smartphones was their quick upgrade to a new operating system as it became available. Android One, unlike MIUI (Xiaomi’s system), needs little change when launched by Google. That is, it should not be long before Android One smartphones receive the new Android update as soon as it is available for other devices.

Xiaomi Mi A3

However, this is not happening. Users are furious with the wait. I remember that Android 10 is already promised for the Xiaomi Mi A3 since September last year.

With this in mind, a user decided to create a petition to alert Xiaomi of the discontent of the situation. The petition is a week old but only now has it gone viral.

The truth is that over 3800 have signed and the number is rising considerably fast. So if you have a Xiaomi Mi A3 and are unhappy with the situation, you can also sign the petition to show Xiaomi that you could be happier with your decision.

The Xiaomi Mi A3 won for quality / price

The Xiaomi Mi A3 may not even have a FullHD display, however, it gives us an AMOLED display with built-in biometric sensor. Brings good specs for the price being asked and best of all has Android One.

As I mentioned above, Android One has its advantages. This assuming that Xiaomi does not fail users as it has failed.

Even without Android 10, the Xiaomi Mi A3 remains one of the best bets of the moment. The smartphone can be bought for less than 200 € in physical stores in UK and with an even lower price from China. For what you are paying, this is one of the best bets of the moment.

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