Home Android Xiaomi Mi A3: Screen Drama Not Being FullHD Is Simply Unnecessary

Xiaomi Mi A3: Screen Drama Not Being FullHD Is Simply Unnecessary

Xiaomi Mi A3: Screen Drama Not Being FullHD Is Simply Unnecessary

Many Mi Fans and brand lovers are seriously falling on the new Xiaomi Mi A3 due to the absence of a FullHD + screen.

My opinion on this point is simple! There is no need for such. The Xiaomi Mi A3 is intended for a market that should not miss this technology. Also because there are others that will certainly compensate.

Xiaomi Mi A3

Xiaomi Mi A3 is a quality smartphone for the 249 €

The smartphone will reach the market officially for 249 €. For this price there are not many issues. It will be almost impossible to have such a good device for this price.

Especially if you're not one of those who shop online. If you have no problem doing so, I will certainly say to invest in the Mi 9T (which should have been the Mi A3), otherwise you have a great quality mobile phone here. But let's go for points. Because I believe who is complaining on the screen is just looking for the lack of the word "Full" on HD +.

IPhone Xr is triple the price with a worse screen

While Apple is no example to anyone, we have to compare it to the iPhone Xr. Not in your specifications. Especially because the Xr is has high end specifications. But Tim Cook's company also saved money on the screen. But it gave us an even worse screen.

The iPhone Xr screen is HD + with IPS technology. Already the Xiaomi Mi A3 is an AMOLED. That is, better contrast, more color quality and, above all, better for your smartphone's battery. Why do you want a FullHD + screen when you have an AMOLED HD + at a great price?

Then the 4030 mAh battery will do miracles! An HD + screen doesn't pull as much as a FullHD and AMOLED will give you the best management we talked about above.

On-screen biometric sensor worth talking about

Xiaomi Mi A3

In addition, the Xiaomi Mi A3 also gives us a biometric sensor on the screen. How many terminals with the same price offer us the same?

In short, Mi Fans could challenge the processor but the screen is, in my opinion, out of the question. The screen is good enough for the value of the smartphone.

As for the processor, I didn't mind having the Mi 9T Snapdragon 730. This is because it is considerably more powerful than the 665 present in the Mi A3. Still, nothing is perfect in this world. For this price you have a smartphone with Android One, timely updates and technologies that I know you'll enjoy.

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