Xiaomi Mi A1 at 170 € is probably the best Android to buy

Xiaomi Mi A1 at 170 € is probably the best Android to buy
Xiaomi Mi A1 at 170 € is probably the best Android to buy
Xiaomi Mi A1 with Android One is one of the best options under 200 €.

The Xiaomi Mi A1 is the Chinese company's first device with an official partnership with Google. The device comes to us with Android One, meaning an operating system designated as pure Android.

The spec level terminal is basically the same as a Google Pixel. While the hardware is not the same, the Android experience will be basically the same. The Xiaomi Mi A1 has even received the new Android Oreo update.

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This promotion brings you the Xiaomi Mi A1 in gold for just over € 150. Remember that adding customs insurance will eventually end up at € 168. Already the model with the dark hue will be a little more expensive.

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Xiaomi Mi A1 Android Oreo
Have you received this update on your smartphone?

The terminal has a quality construction and a feeling well above mid-range competitors. The smartphone is made of metal and the 5.5 "inch screen display offers Full HD resolution to view the content in high quality.

Xiaomi Mi A1 is one of my favorite intermediaries!

I think it would not hurt that the screen had a bit more saturation, however, we must bear in mind that this Xiaomi Mi A1 is a device under 200 €.

Regarding specifications I don't think you'll be dissatisfied. The device has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor running 2.0GHz, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory with expandability via MicroSD.

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The 12MP + 12MP rear cameras should be sufficient for good quality photos. Of course we can not compare to the tops of the moment, but I believe for the price you are happy with the results.

The fingerprint reader is on the back of the smartphone and its 3080 mAh battery should be more than enough for a day of use.

The star of this Xiaomi Mi A1 is, in my opinion, its software. Although I really like MIUI there is nothing better than pure Android stock.

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