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Huawei Maya: New smartphone reveals its secrets!

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Xiaomi Mi 8 is for a price you can't (even) miss out on!

Xiaomi Mi 8 is for a price you can't (even) miss out on!The Xiaomi Mi 8 is one of the best smartphones of 2018. In fact, the smartphone has even been included in our list of top of the range this year.

That's why when you see such a price on a smartphone of this quality, you can't even pass it by.

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For those who live under the rock, or just don't like technology so much, the Xiaomi Mi 8 is a flagship for € 320 (with this promotion).

Xiaomi Mi 8 is one of the best quality / price smartphone

Although its value is around 350 €, it is still a super smartphone that is worth every cent. By the way, it's hard for me to say what your faults are.

Know more about pricing and shipping here

Although the Xiaomi Mi 8 doesn't bring us the most inspired design in the world, we have a state-of-the-art processor, a great quality camera, an excellent-definition OLED display and a state-of-the-art construction.

That is, everything on this smartphone will be Premium experience. Too bad you don't have water and dust resistance, or wireless charging. But I do not think that is what leaves you behind the competition.

For a limited time you can enjoy the great promotion and promo and buy a Xiaomi Mi 8 for only € 320. Please note that this promotion is limited to 50 units only. That is, be quick. Very fast because it's really worth it.

Know more about pricing and shipping here

It's not that his price without the promotion is expensive, because it's not, but it's always good to save some good change right?

To buy Xiaomi Mi 8 with the promotion, just go to the link above and enter the Promocode "GBMPOIDAs simple as that! Remember to follow these steps to avoid paying customs. If you are new to shopping on websites from China, I advise you to take a look.

But the promotions don't end here!

Since you are here, and if you are late to the Xiaomi Mi 8 promotion, you can always enjoy the discount on these Xiaomi smartphones. You will certainly be happy with the discount. However, like the Xiaomi Mi 8, these promos also have limited time and units.

PocoPhone F1 – Promocode "GBMP29P"- Prices and shipping here

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite – Flash Sales – Prices and shipping here

Redmi 6 – Promocode "GBMPO908"- Prices and shipping here

Mi 8 Pro – Promocode "GBMPOL369"- Prices and shipping here

In short, I hope you enjoyed the promotions. As I mentioned, they are for time and limited units. If you missed these don't be sad because we will bring more in the future!

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