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Xiaomi Mi 7 or Xiaomi Mi 8, the importance of the name –

Xiaomi Mi 7 Xiaomi Redmi S2 Xiaomi Portugal Android Oreo
2018 will be a year full of new goals for the brand. Implementation in UK is one of them.

The world's 4th largest mobile device maker (and 4th largest maker in Europe) is set to launch its next high-end Android device, the Xiaomi Mi 7 or Xiaomi Mi 8. It will be late compared to the launch of the Mi 6 and may arrive. in various versions / editions.

Most recently we have seen a wave of rumors (in fact a source that has spread several hypotheses) regarding the name of the product. The same has been referred to as "Dipper", the codename of the next Android smartphone.

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Firstly, it is important to stress the impact of the product name on consumers. A strong, loud and easily memorable name is automatically a product most likely to be well received. (Takes note of LG).

The more elaborate, long, complicated or just plain weird the name becomes the more "forgotten" by the consumer. All this to emphasize the impact of a logo, a slogan, a key phrase that we quickly associate with a brand and a product.

Xiaomi Mi 8 or Xiaomi Mi 7?

In Xiaomi's case we can think of … cheap. Economic. Accessible. Similarly we can think of slogans like "Chinese Apple" or unbeatable price / quality ratio. These are realities that we already associate with the company founded in 2010 by Lei Jun and which, shortly after its 8th anniversary, has already become one of the largest manufacturers in the world. It's already one of the biggest "players"in the Chinese market and already dominates the Indian market. These last two are the world's 2 largest smartphone markets.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Xiaomi Mi 7 Android Oreo Google Cover Xiaomi Mi 8
This will be the Chinese manufacturer's Xiaomi Mi 8 or Mi 7 to hit the market with Google's Android Oreo.

Now let's look to the future and your next bet on the Android market. We do not know your exact arrival date yet. It was previously suggested the date of presentation on May 23rd but it is likely that the image (poster) will be false.

It is important to have a simple name that is easy to remember.

However, not even the name of the Android smartphone is perfectly clear. We don't know if it will be called Xiaomi Mi 7 (though extremely likely), or Xiaomi Mi 8. The motivation for a generation's leap would be based on the brand's 8th anniversary.

Note that several brands have chosen to "jump" for a myriad of distinct reasons. From the simplest as in the case of Huawei that jumped from P10 to P20 for no apparent reason other than its will to do so.

Samsung has already done the same with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for the Note 7. At the time to level the "number" of its products between the "S" range and the "Note" range. Moreover, we all remember Microsoft's "leap" from Windows 8 to Windows 10. All of this to emphasize the evolution between generations.

We already saw a prototype of Xiaomi Mi 7 (Dipper) with Android Oreo 8.1

Xiaomi Mi 7 Android Oreo Google Cover Xiaomi Mi 8
We can see its code name, "dipper", as well as the operating system version, Android Oreo 8.1.

O Dipper arrives soon. We have no doubt of that. By the way, there is little left to find out about the terminal, just missing confirmation of its prices and a clarification on the presence or absence of 3D facial recognition.

Even the most poignant reasons like the leap from OnePlus 3 to OnePlus 5. All this because in Asian culture / tradition the number 4 sounds too much … death. Now it goes without saying that no brand wants a smartphone associated with the reaper.

It will be Xiaomi's next high-end Android

Now back to the Xiaomi Mi 7 (or Mi 8). Both hypotheses would be well received by the public. Moreover, it is only now that branded products begin to look "less Chinese" and more UK’s to our consumers.

That is, your product alignment is ridiculously confusing with a myriad of product range divisions and sub-divisions. From MIX to Redmi with huge variations in between, even for us, the task of discerning them is sometimes excruciating.

Xiaomi Mi 8 or Xiaomi Mi 7? For now everything is open

Ultimately, it is only now that the brand's product ranges (and the brand itself) begin to be known in UK by the general public. That said, looking only at the national scene, this would be a great time for the brand to "jump" a generation.

Moreover, the important thing remains the price. Whatever your name, your specifications were fully revealed here. Now, let's wait for its release – hardly in May 2018.

It should be noted that to date the manufacturer is completely silent about its upcoming high end Android. Your name has not yet been confirmed, not even your filing date. Still, the photos that came out of the product already seem to be actually real.

Still, at Xiaomi we have two top range. The "Mi" line and the "MIX" line, much like the "Galaxy S" line and the "Galaxy Note" line.

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