Xiaomi Mi 7 (or Mi 8) could arrive on May 31st

Xiaomi grows robustly in Europe during Q3 2018

The world's 4th largest manufacturer of Android mobile devices and 4th largest manufacturer in Europe confirmed that on May 31st it will celebrate a presentation event. Then we believe Xiaomi Mi 7 (or Mi 8) or at least one of Mi 6's successors with Google's Android platform will be introduced.

The annual product launch will be the venue for a variety of new products. Among them, we believe that the new Xiaomi Mi 7 or Xiaomi Mi 8 will be revealed there, the product name differs according to the reports.

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At any rate, Lei Jun's company will be preparing a big launch for a new range of equipment. Among them we will certainly have at least one new smartphone with Google's Android platform.

The presentation event will take place in Shenzhen City, China. This is China's technological capital and one of the biggest engines of the industry supporting this world. mobile.

Xiaomi Mi 7 (or Mi 8) can arrive on May 31st

Note that the event date was not advanced by the mark itself. Already the celebration of the same and the city that will host the event was advanced by the brand itself a few days ago through the Chinese social network, Weibo.

Now, circumstantial evidence builds up around the launch of a Xiaomi Mi 7 (or Mi 8) depending on the reports. Next we can see the aggregate of circumstantial evidence surrounding the upcoming release of Xiaomi.


Xiaomi Mi 7 (or Mi 8) will arrive with Google's Android Oreo platform

Now that we know the exact date for the product presentation, information about Xiaomi Mi 7 (or Mi 8) begins to appear. We know your operating system will be Google's Android Oreo. We also know that the brand is already preparing its presentation.

Also, we saw here that at least one of its variants (probably the Mi 8) will have the fingerprint reader already under the screen. The technology was seen today in the terminal, promising to be its differentiating point.

At this time, and as one of the images above illustrates, the Xiaomi presentation event will have around 5000 people in attendance. At the moment the technology is selling tickets for the event that can go up to $ 314/265 €.

As a matter of curiosity, the Mi MIX 2S presentation event on March 27th had a maximum capacity of 2000 people. Now, more than doubles the assistance, something that tells us the launch of something large and / or multiple products.

Ultimately, this could be the perfect occasion to finally get to know the special edition. The commemorative version of the 8th anniversary of the brand. We hope to see what the future holds.

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