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Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra: the 120 phone that you will not be able to buy

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra: first impressions in video

120 Hz refresh on screen

This is one of the top features that we can find on the panel of a phone today. If you haven’t tried any high refresh rate on a screen like 90Hz or 120 Hz, I could describe it to you as that extra fluidity that makes you “addicted” to seeing how you go from one screen to another by entering the menus or that aspect of continuity and speed when making a swipe while browsing a website or through the network timeline social.

It may not be the screen with the highest resolution on the market because Xiaomi continues to bet on the FullHD + rather than 2K or 4K. It is a panel that looks very good, with some natural colors and good viewing angles that, in these first tests, has left me a very good experience after trying it by playing videos on it.

Of course, this sensation does not come only from the refresh rate, but it is backed by a good set of hardware with the latest of the latest on the market that is what this smartphone includes. A Snapdragon 865 processor, Models of 8/12 / 16GB RAM and storages ranging from 128/256/512 GB supported by technology UFS 3.1 which is the equivalent in mobile phones to the SSD of computers. All this is combined with well-polished software and that high screen refreshment to give us the feeling that we are flying with our smartphone when we are using it. An experience that, above all, we will appreciate while we are playing powerful games that, of course, this one is able to move freely and without any problem.

120W fast charging

But the thing does not stop there as far as components are concerned. Another detail that stands out enormously about this phone is the ability to charge your de 0 to 100 in just 30 minutes with his 120W charger.

When you know the data for the first time you may think “well, a load like the rest but a little faster” and no, when you test it it is something impressive. Connect the charging cable to the Mi 10 Ultra, see that the typical manufacturer’s animation appears on the screen and, suddenly, in a few moments the percentage of charged battery begins to fly. It is something that, without seeing it in person, you may not be able to get an idea. But, used to seeing “normal” charging progress from other phones, this one would catch your eye.

The only problem I see with this is the size of the magazine. The dimensions of this are large and transporting it anywhere could become somewhat uncomfortable. But of course, think that this device could be used to power the battery of other equipment such as a tablet or even a laptop. Currently there are many more demanding computers whose charger does not even reach 100 W, so with only this USB-C connector you can power both without problems carrying a single charger wherever you go.

120x magnification with digital zoom on your cameras

The last feature where we see this large number repeated is in the cameras section, where we will find 5 lenses in total:

  • 48 MP main sensor, with an aperture of f / 1.85.
  • 20 MP Ultra Wide Sensor, with an aperture of f / 2.2 and a viewing angle of 128Âș.
  • 12 MP portrait sensor, with a def / 2.0 aperture.
  • A telephoto lens able to reach 120x digitally, with an aperture of f / 4.1
  • 20 MP selfie sensor, with aperture f / 2.3.

A set of cameras with very good characteristics as you can what and what, in these first tests they have left me a more than correct feeling.

From the main sensor to the wide angle, they do their job very well in the photos I was able to take from the window of the Xiaomi offices. Results with correct colors, without excessive aberrations or distortions, although with this little test I could not give a final verdict on this set of cameras.

As for video recording, this Mi 10 Ultra is capable of reaching resolution 8K at 24 fps. In this regard, Xiaomi has not achieved anything new, since it is not the first phone to reach this quality. But, what I can tell you is that it is the best 8K recording that I have tried to date, standing out above all in the stabilization when moving the device while recording.

A great phone that few will be able to buy

Having seen these 3 fundamental aspects that draw the attention of the Mi 10 Ultra, it is my turn to tell you about the main, if not the only, problem that this smartphone has. And it is none other than his availability.

The Mi 10 Ultra is a mobile that Xiaomi has manufactured for its tenth anniversary but, unfortunately, it will not market it globally but will remain in exclusive to the Asian market. Therefore, you can already get an idea that acquiring it will not be an easy task. In addition, to this is added the problem of the rom that it includes, which lacks Google services and everything is in Chinese or English. So, if you plan to import this smartphone to your country, you must bear in mind that you will have to flash a global rom so that everything stays in order and you can use it normally.

To this you will have to add that we do not know the price that the phone may cost you by implementing the cost of taxes and fees after importation. The official cost is 5,299 yuan which, in return would be about 673 euros approximately, to which you must add that extra cost that I mentioned.

Even so, I still think that this is an incredible mobile, with spectacular features and that will surprise anyone who ends up acquiring it. If you want to know much more in-depth details of this smartphone, in addition to seeing in detail the photographic and video recording results, you can take a look at the video first impressions, at the beginning of this post, which I made on our YouTube channel.


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