The Xiaomi Mi 10 will be revealed on February 13, but its secrets are not many. For those who may still have some doubts regarding its design, here is this video hands-on come to end them.

The video released is short, but enough to clarify several points regarding the design of the Xiaomi Mi 10. A curved screen with very small margins and the “hole in the screen” for the front camera is confirmed.

At the rear we have an alignment of cameras inspired by the Mi Note 10. These will be aligned vertically and depending on how the light strikes the rear, the module will appear larger than it really is.

Xiaomi Mi 10 will have a super fast screen thanks to its 120Hz

One of the highlights of this video is the speed that the screen of the Xiaomi Mi 10 transmits to us. The author of this video paid special attention to the smartphone screen and the smoothness of its transitions.

This is due to its update rate of 120Hz, one of the highest registered in the mobile market today. Like this refresh rate, we have a feeling of speed in its use that few can match.

In short, this means that the screen will be able to update its image 120 times per second. It is a refresh rate that we are used to seeing on gaming monitors, but which will start to be the norm on high-end smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi 10 has everything to be a success in the market

At a time when the main tops are approaching 1000 €, the Xiaomi Mi 10 is a smartphone that has everything to be successful. This model will have specifications similar to models like the Galaxy S20, however, it will cost half.

The CEO of Xiaomi has already stated that the Mi 10 will be more expensive than its predecessors. Still, its price may be around 500 €. Additionally, this is a model that you can buy in a physical store, in UK, with the security of the guarantee.

In short, if you want a top of the range, but you don’t have 1000 € to spend, the Xiaomi Mi 10 should be looked at carefully. It will certainly be one of the models with the best quality / price ratio on the market in 2020.

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