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Xiaomi Mi 10 Explorer Edition: here’s a ‘transparent’ version

Explorer Edition has already become a true classic on Xiaomi’s high-end smartphones. This was first launched with the Mi 8, and the company repeated the concept with the Mi 9 launched last year.

Although this version is pleasing to many users, it was announced that it would not continue with the Mi 10. Still, the Xiaomi marketing department decided to present us with photographs of a Mi 10 with the transparent rear panel.

Mi 10 Explorer Edition will not have commercial version

Xiaomi Mi 10 Explorer Edition

It is good to remember that in both Mi 8 and Mi 9, the rear simply simulated the internal components. However, it is said that in these images we are really seeing the internal components of the equipment thanks to a transparent rear window.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Explorer Edition

Through this glass we can see components such as the cameras, the battery, the flash, the coil used for wireless charging, as well as the layer that covers the motherboard.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Explorer Edition

It is not expected that Xiaomi will make these panels available (even in the form of a cover) to users. However, it would be really interesting to see such a version hit the market.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Explorer Edition

As a fan of this kind of concept, it is certainly something that pleases you. As admirers of technology, the internal components are always something that arouses curiosity, and the possibility of being able to see them in detail is something that certainly stands out.

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