This week Xiaomi introduced the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro globally. The equipment is a major hardware step on the part of the Chinese company, but it is also marked by a considerable rise in price.

The Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro were announced in February in China with prices of € 526 and € 658, respectively. This week users learn that in Europe these prices go up to € 799 and € 999, respectively.

From a manufacturer that has always accustomed users to quality-price, these values ​​have led to a wave of criticism on social networks. The truth is that these devices seem to mark the end of an era of high end models by Xiaomi, and the manufacturer had already warned us some time ago.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

If the Xiaomi Mi 9 arrived in Europe for € 449, its successor will initially be sold at nearly twice the price. And if we remember correctly, that was a desire expressed by Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun about a year ago.

Lei Jun’s statements in March 2019

“In fact, we want to get rid of that reputation that our smartphones cost less than 2000 yuan. We want to invest more and produce better products. This may be the last time that our price will be below 3000 yuan (€ 379). In the future, our smartphones should become more expensive; not a lot, but a little more expensive, ”said Lei Jun.

These were statements made in relation to Xiaomi’s range tops. Given the investment made in the components of the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, and the high price of the Snapdragon 865, it led the brand to raise prices to go beyond the 5% profit margin globally.

If the strategy will work, it will be the market that says it. With these prices, Xiaomi will be competing directly in price ranges where brands like Samsung and Apple reign.

The truth is that in order to be able to charge these prices, Xiaomi will have to get greater confidence from consumers. Mainly in terms of after-sales support and stability of your user interface. Something that Samsung or Apple can do.

This may have been a shot in the foot of the manufacturer, and within months we may have the equipment on sale at more attractive prices. As for future cheaper tops, they should be reserved for the Redmi or Poco sub-brands.

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