Xiaomi made a fast charger for the iPhone 12 at an incredible price

Xiaomi iPhone 12 charger

Xiaomi decided to solve an issue that Apple fans and buyers of the new iPhone 12 had. Therefore, it revealed a fast charger compatible with the iPhone 12 and its 20W at a fantastic price.

The new iPhone 12 were officially revealed and with them news that left us questioning Apple’s decisions. As of this moment, the new iPhones will not arrive with a charger or EarPods.

Xiaomi makes compatible charger for iPhone 12 for only 5 €

Xiaomi iPhone 12 charger

The charger has the power of 20W of charging speed. In addition, it follows the design line that Apple used to offer us in its wall chargers. White, minimalist and as small as possible.

Xiaomi iPhone 12 charger

This wall charger is compatible with most smartphones on the market that connect via USB-C cable. However, the target audience for this small accessory is clearly users of the new iPhone 12.

20 € cheaper than the 20W Apple charger

IPhone 12 charger

Apple also sells wall chargers. That is, it stopped including them in the boxes of smartphones to sell them separately. (The environment is grateful, users are not).

The value of the Apple 20W charger is € 25. That is, 20 € more than the Xiaomi charger and which is compatible with the iPhone 12.

Unfortunately the Xiaomi charger has not yet arrived in UK and we sincerely expect the price to rise slightly when it hits our stores. Still, it is expected to be a good solution for everyone who needs a wall charger with minimally fast charging.

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