Xiaomi has always been recognized as a manufacturer that values ​​its online presence more than offline, but that has been changing over the last few years. Besides finally betting on the various European markets, the brand continued to solidify its presence in the second largest market in the world, India.

In this country, Xiaomi already has over 2500 Mi Stores, 75 Mi Home, 20 Mi Studios and over 7000 official partners. There is no doubt that Xiaomi’s presence in physical stores has grown rapidly and the results are in sight.

Xiaomi 1 million sales

Manu Kumar Jain – Vice President of Xiaomi – revealed through his Twitter account that they have achieved 1 million physical store sales in just one day!

1 million sales include all products from Xiaomi ecosystem

This fantastic brand achieved on January 10th includes the sale of any and all branded products. Thus, sales of various gadgets, smartphones, smart TVs, airdots, etc. were accounted for. Still, it was confirmed that smartphones were responsible for the largest contribution.

Despite its large online presence, Xiaomi has already confirmed that offline sales are the fastest growing segment during the last holiday seasons. Offline sales grew by 70% YoY (year over year). As regards growth, it was the fastest growing segment of Smart TVs, with a 400% YoY increase.

Xiaomi Store Portugal

Xiaomi continues to grow in UK

For many years, UK’s users had to resort to the usual online stores from China to be able to buy Xiaomi products. However, after a wait awaits, the manufacturer has finally decided to invest in UK, opening 4 official stores in UK within just 6 months.

In addition, the promise has already been made that the next step will be the opening of its official online store, which will further satisfy the high demand for its products.

Most likely, we will see more stores open this year, especially in southern UK.

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