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Xiaomi loses first place (3 years later) in the second largest market in the world!

Xiaomi lost first place after 3 years in the lead in the second largest market in the world. India, although far from UK, is a good reflection of what our market is. In fact, Asian smartphone companies experiment with various sales tactics that they later implement in Europe.

According to CounterPoint, Xiaomi lost first place for the first time in 3 years, when it took first place. Samsung was responsible for this feat.

Xiaomi loses to Samsung through fault

Xiaomi Market Counterpoint

However, let’s analyze the market as it is. Especially the Indian market, which is seriously similar to the UK’s market. We have a growing Samsung, because it gives us mid-range and quality entry-level equipment at a good price.

In the meantime, we’ve seen Xiaomi’s smartphone prices rise considerably. Worse than that, we have a huge mess of choices.

We have Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO smartphones. Sometimes (more than it should), we have POCO smartphones that are the same as Redmi’s but with a different name.

global market

In my opinion, this type of decision does not make users happy. Quite the opposite. It has reached a point where we are no longer sure what to buy.

For its part, Samsung has been working well. Improved its “A” range. The intermediaries have OLED screens and biometric sensors on the screen. We have decent cameras and stylish designs. The price is very competitive and perfectly capable of fighting Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi smartphones

Finally, in this graph we also saw the smartphones of Vivo, Realme and OPPO to be present. These 3 manufacturers are part of the BBK Eectronics group. OPPO has now attacked the UK’s market with smartphones in physical stores, while Realme continues to stand out for its excellent quality / price ratio.

In short, Xiaomi will have to change something on its smartphones to remain relevant as in the past. Even though it is only a month without the leadership, we realize that Xiaomi has aspects to improve.

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