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Lei Jun, CEO of Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, recently came out to disprove several misconceptions about the company he leads. Currently the fourth largest smartphone maker in the world, some myths still persisted around Xiaomi.

The revelations made by the top official of Xiaomi were made during a recent conference of the company and advances in the first place by the publication CNBeta. Now, it is time to deconstruct some of these ideals that tend to persist.

1. Xiaomi does not innovate

Lei Jun CEO of Xiaomi

Probably the misconception that most irritated Lei Jun. The myth that Xiaomi only adapted ideas from other companies like Apple, Samsung and Huawei, instead of innovating and developing its own solutions and technologies.

However, at least for the CEO of Xiaomi, the reality could not be more different. To this end, the executive began by citing the brand’s growing revenues, something that would not be possible without a great deal of innovation to attract new consumers.

Referring to Xiaomi’s presence at 422nd on the Fortune Global 500 list, Lei Jun said that for the past 10 years the company has been constantly innovating and is now face to face with Apple, Huawei and Samsung.

There is no growth without innovation, and Xiaomi has grown!

Deepening the theme, Jun relied on the department dedicated to the development of photographic solutions for Xiaomi smartphones. The department will have been created in 2018, integrating 122 engineers and, in 2020, it already has 826 employees.

Added to this are other examples such as the large investment in charging solutions for Xiaomi smartphones. Something as simple as the chargers that come with the devices, but that is fully developed by the brand.

Thanks to innovation at Xiaomi, solutions such as the application of gallium nitrate (GaN) in chargers, allowed to reduce its size and increase the letter speed, said the CEO.

The Xiaomi ecosystem is a business incubator

Xiaomi ecosystem products

To this is added the living example of the Xiaomi ecosystem in which many satellite companies are born and thrive in the market thanks to the fund to foster industry, created by the manufacturer three years ago.

Aiming to create a strong ecosystem, this funding fund serves more than 100 companies focused on the development of new technologies and innovation in various sectors in China.

It is a living and diverse ecosystem that you can get to know and understand in our guide. There we list the main brands and main highlights / products.

2. Xiaomi does not manufacture its products

The person most responsible for Xiaomi’s designs was particularly fierce in debunking this myth. Refuting the idea that the brand used third parties to mass produce the products that make up its portfolio, the executive argued the opposite.

The refutation was sustained in the factories, lines and production centers of mobile devices and other products in its range. To this was added the justification that points to Xiaomi as one of the most efficient OEMs in the mobile industry.

More specifically, he took as an example the intelligent production line of Yizhuang, in Beijing, capable of producing one million high-end smartphones per year and, for that, it needs only 100 engineers and collaborators. in situ.

3. Xiaomi only sells cheap and low-end smartphones

Although this association is common and, in part, extends the brand name, Lei Jun wants to gradually move away from the fame of “cheap products”. Especially the connotation between cheap and weak, or not very durable, not only on their smartphones.

Owing a good part of its success to the excellent price / quality ratio of its products, there are differences between having an excellent cost-benefit ratio and being simply cheap. This was one of the theses that Lei Jun wanted to make and convey to the audience.

It is possible to produce cheap, low-end smartphones, but with quality. A premise that guides and will continue to guide Xiaomi for years to come. At the same time, the company improves more expensive products such as tops.

Xiaomi Smart TVs are a good example

The smart TV division is one of the best examples of Xiaomi’s business mission. Infuse elements premium accessible products, not necessarily cheap and, above all, with quality.

The same can be said and seen in products of the Mi MIX line, as well as in the special and commemorative editions of several Android smartphones of the brand. Products can be affordable and good, and that is the message to be conveyed.

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