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Xiaomi launches Pokémon accessories with Pikachu as the protagonist

Xiaomi knows how to hit where it hurts the most, so, with the idea of ​​continuing to claw more users in its endless market share, it has decided to launch a new line of products based on one of the best-known franchises in the world of video games: Pokemon. And now, who can resist these products?

All Pikachu products by Xiaomi

Xiaomi Pokemon

With the idea of ​​carrying the famous creature Pokemon to all corners of homes, the brand has launched a total of 5 new products characterized by a striking yellow color and the drawing of the face of Pikachu in all of them, so it will be impossible not to recognize the product in front of us at a glance.

It is true that all the models presented are products that already existed in the Xiaomi catalog, however, for many it will be impossible to miss the opportunity to wear their yellow Pikachu accessory. It’s what love has for creatures and the entire Pokémon universe.

The products that arrive with the Pokémon seal and the yellow Pikachu design are the following:

  • Xiaomi True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Air 2s: The famous true wireless earbuds with integrated noise cancellation.
  • Mi Power Bank 3 10000mAh Quick Charge: Large capacity portable battery to charge all types of devices with fast charging.
  • Xiaomi Pocket Photo Printer: Small portable bluetooth printer. This device is not available in UK.
  • Xiaomi Mi Backpack 10L: Travel suitcase of 10L capacity. Small and practical for express trips.
  • Xiaomi Luggage Classic 20: Larger model the travel suitcase.

Will they be available in UK?

Xiaomi Pokemon

As you may be imagining, these products have been launched only in China at the moment, and they will probably never reach other markets, since it could be a one-off launch as has happened on previous occasions.

Anyway, instead of finding them in the official Xiaomi stores in UK, you can always choose to look for the products in external distributors, such as AliExpress, where you can already find some models, such as My True Wireless 2. Over the next few days more accessories should appear among the distributors, but as we have mentioned, you should not have too much hope if you expect to see them in the official stores in UK.

We will update this article if Xiaomi thinks better of it and decides to bring them, something that many users would welcome with open arms, especially those who love collecting.


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