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Huawei Mate Xs, first video look at the ultimate Huawei folding

The news of the Huawei Mate Xs Aesthetically this Huawei folding phone is identical to last year. An all-screen terminal on its surface, except for...

Xiaomi Mi 8: MIUI 10.1 Android Pie brings news to the camera!

As promised on a previous occasion, China's technology company is now beginning to bring the Android...

Asus ZenFone 7 Pro will hit the market at a price that will win you over

Asus has recently revealed the date of presentation of its new range tops. The Asus ZenFone...

You can play Half-Life: Alyx with these virtual reality glasses

VR viewers compatible with Half-Life: Alyx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2W0N3uKXmo One of the essential requirements to play the new Half-Life: Alyx will be to have a system compatible with...

Xiaomi launches perfect floss replacement gadget

Xiaomi is much more than a smartphone maker. We can see this from their stores where smartphones are only a small part of their huge portfolio.

This time Xiaomi has launched a sprinkler (correct me in the comments if you have a technical name) for the teeth. This irrigator promises to replace the floss.

How does the Xiaomi gadget that wants to replace the thong works

Xiaomi Floss Irrigator

The "Xiaomi MIJIA Electric Teeth Water Flosser" has a small water storage of 200ml and fires small jets of water so that nothing stays in the tooth cavities.

This type of gadget is perfect for all those who have braces (inside or outside) on their teeth and where flossing makes little difference.

Xiaomi Floss Irrigator

This little gadget removes food scraps and cleans the gaps between teeth. Still helping to keep the gums healthy. The 0.6mm nozzle is thin enough to be effective where you are using it.

Xiaomi gadget comes to market with eye-catching price

With a value of around € 20 in China, this little gadget promises to be part of the oral hygiene of many people. Unfortunately there is still no information about your possible arrival in Europe or the values ​​that will be practiced.

Still, it is worth noting that Xiaomi is attacking more and more in the Old Continent and this kind of gadgets are what sets it apart from others.

Xiaomi opened its 4th official store in UK this past weekend and UK is increasingly an important market for the brand. We'll see if 2020 will be as relevant to the manufacturer as it was 2019.

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