Xiaomi has just launched a new IDMIX product on its crowdfunding platform, Youpin. It’s a perfect portable travel charger with three functions that make it very versatile.

The three main functions of the new Xiaomi IDMIX

  • Transformer;
  • Powerbank;
  • Wireless charging.

Powerbank Xiaomi IDMIX

This will be a product capable of adapting to European, English or Australian outlets. These adapters can be removed and inserted quite easily and will charge a laptop at 30W.

Powerbank Xiaomi IDMIX

Xiaomi IDMIX charges 10W wirelessly

As far as smartphones are concerned, the Xiaomi IDMIX will be able to charge a smartphone at 18W through its USB-C port and 10000mAh battery. Wirelessly, you can charge your smartphone up to 10W.

Due to its versatility and wireless charging, this is not the cheapest Xiaomi powerbank to hit the market. is offered for sale at Youpin for 358 iaunes – about 46 euros.

Powerbank Xiaomi IDMIX

According to what is announced by the brand, this powerbank can charge 50% of the battery of the iPhone XS in just 30 minutes by cable. The powerbank itself is fully charged in less than 5 hours.

This is not a product for everyone, but it can certainly be useful when you don’t want to ride the various transformers on a trip. Soon it should reach the usual online stores, with a slightly inflated price.

Xiaomi IDMIX on Xiaomi Youpin Crowfunding Platform (Chinese)

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