Xiaomi launches a super cheap tape measure that measures up to 3 kilometers!

Xiaomi Cheap Tape Measure

Today we have a different gadget than Xiaomi. A tape measure that has the capacity to measure up to 3 kilometers. Xiaomi is a company that does not stop surprising. Whenever we think we've seen it all, the manufacturer surprises us with something new.

This new gadget is simple, minimalist and does not try to do something super complex. We don't have lasers (as with other gadgets) instead, you just need to rotate it on the surface and you're counting the distance.

Xiaomi's tape measure costs just over € 10

Xiaomi Cheap Tape Measure

Initially launched on Youpin, the crowdfunding website, this small measuring tape has a value of € 13 (direct exchange). That is, if you arrive in UK or other online stores from China, you will not need to worry because it will not be much more expensive than a good measuring tape.

Tape measure with memory and can measure almost everything

Xiaomi Cheap Tape Measure

This small gadget stores the last 10 measurements you take and presents the results on the small screen. This is so that you do not have to re-measure something you just did but did not remember to point.

The tape measure will be able to measure everything a little. Since there is no “tape”, you can walk with it vertically, horizontally, or even measure curves or arcs. You just have to make sure that the small bottom wheel is in contact with the place to be measured.

200mAh battery will work for a long time

Xiaomi Cheap Tape Measure

Xiaomi was not specific about its autonomy, however, I do not think it will be a problem. The gadget has a 200 mAh battery that only serves to measure and display the results on the 1.9 “inch LCD screen. To load the tape measure you only need to connect it to the USB cable and in a few minutes you will have the small gadget ready to use. work.

In short, this is another gadget that I look forward to seeing in one of Xiaomi's stores in UK. The company has increased its presence in our country and is focused on gadgets of this kind in addition to smartphones. Hopefully it will arrive here with an identical value. For now, it is only available in China.

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