During the Mi Fan Festival event that took place on April 3, Xiaomi took advantage of the celebration of its 10 years of existence to launch 22 new products that are spread across numerous market segments. One of these new products was the new shaver, Xiaomi MIJIA S300.

Instead of presenting itself as a revolutionary model in terms of its technologies, this shaver excels in its price / quality ratio. Over the years we have become accustomed to looking at Xiaomi as a brand that inspires confidence, and that is very important. Especially when we look at a shaver that costs just € 13.

Xiaomi MIJIA S300

Shaver from Xiaomi offers the best price / quality ratio on the market

It is not difficult to assume that you will not be able to find a shaver that offers you so much for such a reduced price. In fact, it will certainly be difficult to just find a shaver at this price.

The new MIJIA S300 machine presents itself as a model budget of the very popular S500C. However, it ends up sharing many of its features with the most advanced machine. One of the big differences is the fact that it is not possible to remove the machine head for cleaning, which ends up reducing its price considerably.

Xiaomi shaver

Regarding the technical details of the Xiaomi MIJIA S300, you will be able to count on a main head formed by three individual heads. The main module has a 360º flotation system that guarantees the smoothest shaving experience possible, adapting perfectly to all types of faces / beards.

In turn, the interior of each of the individual heads is composed of a system of two blades. According to information published by the brand, the first blade is responsible for raising the beard, paving the way for the main blade to achieve a clean and effective cut. In this way, the shaver will be able to avoid skin irritation and unwanted cuts.

No information has been revealed about his battery, and only an autonomy is promised that will not disappoint. To charge the battery, you have a USB-C port.

As usual, the price indicated is exclusive to the Chinese market and we will hardly be able to enjoy the same opportunity in Europe. Still, even if it is only available through the usual online stores from China, it is almost certain that its price will remain attractive.

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