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Xiaomi launches a gadget to compete with Google Chromecast, only it does not need Internet

It is no longer the first time that we have seen Xiaomi launching gadgets that compete directly with Google Chromecast. However, this Xiaomi Mi Pai is a little different since it does not need an internet connection to work.

The idea is identical, but a little different. That is, the objective is to pass information from one screen to the other in a simple way. However, it is not a smart device like Google Chromecast. That is, you cannot ask Google Home to play your favorite series on TV.

How Xiaomi Mi Pai works, the new competitor to Google Chromecast

Xiaomi Mi Pai competing for Google Chromecast

The gadget is divided into two. On the one hand you have a small gadget very similar to Google Chromecast but with USB-C input. On the other, an identical gadget but with HDMI input.

Xiaomi Mi Pai competing for Google Chromecast

That is, what has USB-C input can be connected to a smartphone, computer or any other device with USB-C input. The other is an authentic image repeater.

The new Xiaomi Mi Pai comes at an affordable price

Xiaomi Mi Pai competing for Google Chromecast

The gadget comes with a tempting price of 37 € in China. However, if it arrives in UK, it is expected that its value will be a little higher.

This is the perfect gadget for those who travel a lot and spend their lives in hotels. You can transmit the information to the television directly from your smartphone and you do not need to be connected to the Internet.

That is, before you go on vacation or on a short business trip, you download a good amount of series and movies to your smartphone in the Netflix application or in video files. Then you only need to connect one of these to your smartphone and the other to the television.

Since you will have the USB-C port filled, it is a good idea to take a wireless charger with you. This of course, if your smartphone has these capabilities.

In short, we still don’t know how far the new Xiaomi gadget will hit our shelves. However, Xiaomi has been surprising recently.

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