Xiaomi Launches 1 Year Battery Drawing Tablet at Fantastic Price

Xiaomi Launches 1 Year Battery Drawing Tablet at Fantastic Price

Xiaomi and its sub-brand Mijia have just launched a tablet aimed at the drawing. The handset is a classic “write and clean” style, and promises a range of 365 days. The price starts at 24 euros.

This is not a tablet for anyone looking to play or watch videos on Youtube. It's another gadget where you can take notes, and it will be great for kids to unleash their creativity (or lack thereof).

Xiaomi Mijia LCD Writing Tablet

Tablet Features

  • Pressure sensitive writing;
  • 10 and 13.5 inch versions;
  • Lightweight and easy to carry with 195 and 345 gram versions;
  • LCD screen that provides blue-green writing;
  • Handwriting thickness changes with strength;
  • Battery lasts 365 days, even cleaning screen 100 times a day;
  • Only 7 gram pen included;
  • Prices are 24 euros (10 inches) and 29 euros (13.5 inches).

Xiaomi Mijia LCD Writing Tablet

As we see in the pictures, the tablet comes with the minimalist style that characterizes Xiaomi products. This can be a device for business use as well as the simplest tasks.

For one thing, you can use it to take notes or to illustrate an idea during a presentation. It can also be used at home to leave a message or as a deposit for a child's “artwork”.

Xiaomi Mijia LCD Writing Tablet

It is promised by Xiaomi that it will be so natural to write on the device with writing on paper. The screen uses no energy. The included battery is only for powering the button that can turn off the screen up to 100 times a day and still last a year.

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