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OnePlus 9 will have the best cameras ever from the brand thanks to a new partnership with Leica

OnePlus smartphones have shown impressive evolution over the years, placing themselves among the TOP of the...

There is an area of ​​the country where Vodafone’s mobile network is unbeatable.

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Android Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro is the new flagship of the brand

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Xiaomi officially refers to the Xiaomi Mi A3. It's about to arrive!

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Xiaomi is preparing to correct a huge wrong step taken in the past!

Xiaomi is about to take a step that will make history for the manufacturer. As happened a few years ago, the goal is to start producing smartphones in Brazil. And as much as you are not Brazilian (which you may be) this decision will have a big impact in UK and Europe.

With Brazil in the crosshairs, a market with more than 200 million people, Xiaomi will try to do something that has not gone well in the past. Create a manufacturing line for your smartphones.

Xiaomi has had a bad experience in Brazil

Xiaomi is preparing to correct a huge step taken in the past!

Enough of Mi Mi Mi“A campaign by Asus that ended up in the Brazilian vocabulary. Xiaomi was so impressive a few years ago that competitors had to attack aggressively in marketing.

This is because Xiaomi was manufacturing smartphones in Brazil and seriously reduced the price of its equipment. However, there was a huge failure. Xiaomi just decided to manufacture entry-level terminals and the public “canary “ I wanted more.

Brazil is a strong importer of smartphones from China and its rates are not inviting to do so. That is, if Xiaomi manages to enter the market strongly again, there is no one to stop it.

I remember that the Brazilian market is led by Samsung, Motorola and Asus. Of these 3, only Samsung can succeed in Europe. Motorola and Asus simply cannot compete with the strong competitors that we have in Europe. Namely Xiaomi and Huawei (Huawei has dark days ahead of them).

How you can influence UK

UK and Brazil, although separated by an ocean, are more similar than you think. The mentality, when it comes to technology, is very identical.

If Xiaomi seriously attacks Brazil, it will work more strongly in the UK’s language. This means that your products will bring our language sooner. Although “Brazilian”.

We still have to take into account that if the manufacture goes well, I see no reason to import from China if they can come from Brazil. The long history of countries that share the same language would be a strong candidate for better deals that would bring equipment prices down.

In short, only the future will tell. We sincerely hope that Xiaomi will succeed this time. The brand has everything to go further and the Brazilian market is perfect for Xiaomi’s “cost / benefit” products.

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