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Twitter Spaces, is voice the future of the platform?

What is Twitter Spaces Spaces is the name of a new experiment with which Twitter is going to test how the voice could become that...

Spotify accuses Apple of unfair competition

The ‘Time Flies’ event brought to the world the announcement of several new products from the...

Samsung Galaxy S9 – This video gives us the perfect look for the smartphone

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Mercedes unveils futuristic car prototype inspired by Avatar movie

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Xiaomi is considered the most potential smartphone maker in the world!

According to the third edition of "The Future 50", Xiaomi is the smartphone maker with the greatest growth potential today. This list developed by Fortune magazine aims to highlight companies that have the greatest growth potential.

Interestingly, even though most companies in the TOP 10 are related in one way or another to the technology world, Xiaomi (7th) is the only smartphone maker.

Xiaomi Future 50 Fortune

Is Xiaomi on the right track to become the largest manufacturer in the world?

It is true that manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei and Apple are already at a much higher level than Xiaomi, which means that they do not have such high "potential".

Still, it is important to note that apart from no other smartphone maker in the TOP10, there is really none in this list that features a total of 50 companies. The only one that could be considered is Google's Alphabet (parent company) which is in 48th position. However, Google Pixels are unlikely to play an important role in their ranking.

Therefore, considering that large manufacturers continue to display little volatility in their market shares. It is possible that Xiaomi will be able to join the fight for the title of largest manufacturer in the world, over the next few years.

Obviously, there are many variables that may influence these events. Firstly, the brand will have to be able to continue to innovate more and more on its smartphones while maintaining the prices that made it so popular. In addition, we must also rely on the stagnation of Samsung, Huawei and Apple.

Other Featured Companies in Future 50

While many of the companies on this list are unknown to most users, still in the TOP 10 we have Spotify and Square, created by Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter.

In the remaining forty positions we can find Twitter (13), PayPal (24), Adobe (25), Nvidia (27), Amazon.com (31), BOE (34), Tesla (48) and Facebook (49).

It is important to highlight that the classification of companies to be included in this list is not made considering their current performance. The analysis process is separated into two sections. In the first instance, the company's potential is analyzed and then its capabilities to materialize this potential are considered.

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