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Xiaomi helps you improve your health with these accessories

Xiaomi is everywhere

As we have already told you on numerous occasions, Xiomi is a company that encompasses a large number of products within its catalog. Devices that are ordered from our entertainment, transportation, home automation or even our health.

If you still did not know, this manufacturer includes among its equipment some that do not have its own name. An example of this can be those under the brand: Amazfit, Aqara or Mijia, for example. These manufacturers belong to a group of companies that Xiaomi itself has acquired in order to cover a wider range of products within each sector. So, if from now on you come across devices from these brands, you already know who’s behind them.

Best Xiaomi Health Improvement Products

Now that you know a little more about Xiaomi and its products, let’s see the main elements that the manufacturer has in the health section.

Neck massager

East neck massager Xiaomi uses low-frequency pulse technology to treat muscle problems with its 15 different levels of intensity. It is composed of 3 heads that will carry out their work in 360º, being able to give up to 83 pulses per minute. In addition, it has a temperature regulation system with which it will reach 421 ºC in just 3 seconds. Like many other equipment from the manufacturer, this massager can be controlled from its Mijia application, with all its menus and options.

Smartwatch Amazfit GTS

On the other hand, Xiaomi wants us to keep our health under control at all times thanks to their smart watches. This is the model Amazfit GTS, a device very similar in design to Apple’s smartwatch. With it we can monitor the exercise we do, the steps or the heart rate, among many other things.

Outside the field of health, we can also customize it to our liking and it will notify us of different notifications that we receive on the smartphone.


On the other hand, if your health problems are related to dry skin or breathing problems, the Xiaomi humidifier be a solution. This device is responsible for atomizing water in the form of steam and distributing it throughout your home.

Its 120 mL tank gives it an autonomy of 6-10 hours of prolonged use, so it will last all night without many problems. It also has a small LED that will act as a night light.

Xiaomi Band 5

The Xiaomi Mi Bad 5 It is the most current version of another of the manufacturer’s super known devices. This, as with smartwatches, allows us to control different parameters such as heart rate, steps or calories expended, among other features. The difference, obviously, is in the design and feature-level capabilities.

If you want to count these parameters that we are talking about, but you don’t want to spend too much money, we can’t think of a better option than this activity bracelet. You can take a look at our video analysis if you want to know it in depth.

Smart scale

Another of the fundamental aspects to have a healthy life is to control our weight. Xiaomi also has a team for this: the My Scale 2, your smart scale.

This device is capable of measuring up to 13 parameters, among which we find: body mass index, weight, muscle mass or visceral fat, among others. All this data will be stored in the app, from where we can register up to a total of 16 different users.

Air purifier

Xiaomi Air Purifier 3H

With the current situation we live in, this xiaomi air purifier it will allow us to have cleaner air in our house. It has a high precision laser particle sensor, accompanied by a 360º cylindrical HEPA filter to eliminate harmful substances such as pm2.5 and formaldehyde. This process can be carried out on an area of ​​up to 45 m2.

Through the Mi Home app, we will have real-time access to information about the air quality in our home.

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