Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art

Xiaomi has presented a new speaker where design is the first thing that catches your eye. With a premium finish, where that white plastic body stands out and surrounded by a metal grille that has more than 10,000 holes. These are intended to make the sound that your sound system plays come out uniformly. At least that’s what the theory says.

However, beyond the design that always matters and that is frankly attractive here, what are the great values ​​of this Xiaomi bet? Well let’s see, the Xiaoai Speaker Art is a smart speaker Premium cut. That means you are looking for a great sound experience, but also in use.

For that reason, Xiaomi has introduced its smart assistant, an AI that yes, is only available in China and therefore only understands Chinese. This is a problem for use outside the country, since we could not take advantage of it beyond any other speaker.

Regarding the rest of the details and characteristics, this speaker that measures 131 x 104 x 151 mm and weighs less than 900 grams, it includes a 2.5-inch speaker and two microphones in charge of registering the user’s voice commands. To give it a touch of color, at the top there is a small ring that can be illuminated in different RGB tones.

At the connectivity level, the speaker has WiFi, so Chinese users can use it together with the Mi Home ecosystem of products to control the rest of the connected devices they have at home and which we already know are not few, from motion sensors , thermostats, surveillance cameras, bulbs and more.

Where to buy the new Xiaoai Speaker Art

Showy Xiaoai Speaker Art? Yes, a lot, but not so fast. As we said before, the big “problem” of this speaker is that It is intended for now for the Chinese market. This implies that if you wanted to do one, for now you will not be able to.

Therefore, although for design and quality that sound, which we suppose will be at a good level seeing how other models of the brand perform much simpler, it is as interesting as for price (about 50 euros to change), we are going to want to have it.

Hopefully at some point the manufacturer will surprise us with a global version that uses Alexa or Google Assistant. Something that we seriously do not know how it has not yet done, because seeing how well other of its proposals for the connected home work, a global launch of a product like this would be a success in sales.