A monstrous television

When a manufacturer launches a product like this, it is not really responding to a real market need. What it is doing is demonstrating that they are capable of manufacturing a screen with a monstrous diagonal that will manage to get everyone’s attention and talk about them.

Although there may be a group of users that could convince them and they would decide to bet on it, and we do not mean those with huge houses. We talk about all those who choose a projector to enjoy home theater. And, one of the reasons is that you can easily have a 100 ″ image. Of course, a large screen at specific times is not the same as always having a product in the living room that is practically larger than the sofa.

Still, before we continue talking, what does this screen offer technically and why is it interesting? As we go by parts, the panel offers 98 ″ diagonalAlthough there are two smaller models with 43 and 65 inches that are more affordable for most.

The resolution is 4K, which is not bad at all. But it is also true that after having seen an 85-inch panel unfold at 8K resolution, this screen at short distances may stay halfway. Still, surely whoever sits in front will take a long time to appreciate a possible difference, because what will catch their attention will be its spectacular size.

Otherwise, with a panel with a 60 Hz refresh, this Redmi proposal offers 3 HDMI connectors (one with HDMI ARC support), two USB ports and one AV. Regarding the sound system, two speakers with 8W of power and support for Dolby Audio and DTS HD. And finally, like its other screens, PatchWall TV is an operating system based on Android TV.

Big screen, low price

Despite what it may seem, the size is not the most striking thing about this screen. Yes it is the most spectacular, because a screen that measures 219 cm by 134 cm It is practically like a bed, but what will surprise you is its price.

This gigantic Redmi TV has been unveiled in China at a price of 19,999 Yuan. That is to say, applying the currency exchange and without taking into account the whole subject of taxes, etc., this screen it would cost about 2,600 euros. That is to say, a really cheap price because other proposals of great diagonal are located above. What’s more, screens like this from big brands like LG, Samsung or Sony, among others, cost between 10,000 and 13,000 euros the cheapest and almost 80,000 euros the most expensive.

Anyway, be that as it may, the interesting thing about Xiaomi’s proposal is that you can make very large screens at cheap prices. Another thing would be to see the image quality later, but if it maintains the level of the rest of Redmi’s proposals or what has already been seen on Xiaomi TVs, more than one would be convinced. Of course, if they can put in such an excessively large product.