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Xiaomi has a new (and cheap) smart plug, but there’s a catch

The new Xiaomi smart plug

This morning we talked about the expectation that Xiaomi always raises with the launch of any product, something applicable even if it is something as relatively simple as a smart plug. And it turns out that many media have begun to echo the availability of Xiaomi Mini Smart Socket, a new model of rather compact size designed so that you can turn any device in your home into a computer, well, that’s smart.

In case you don’t know very well how does it work an accessory of this type, we explain it very simply quickly: with an intelligent plug, any device that you attach happens to act in a “smart” way. That means that from that moment on, you can control from an application or by voice (if supported by our main plug) the on or off of the device and program a timer to perform this action.

Xiaomi Mini Smart Socket

Imagine, for example, that you have a conventional table lamp in the house corridor that you want to turn on every day at 7 p.m. and turn off at 12 p.m. With an intelligent plug, you can program it, so that the lamp, which has never had this kind of “home automation” capabilities, goes on to enjoy the possibility that its switching on and off are programmable.

The same (and other similar executions) can be achieved with a model like the Mini Smart Socket. This proposal, which is not the first in the Xiaomi catalog, offers support for voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant and it supports a power of 2,300 watts / 10 A – something to consider also in what cases.

The only one job What can be found is that, unlike other smart plugs that use the Wifi of our house (and more nanada), this model works on the ZigBee protocol, implying the need to also have a bridge, which in this case is the Xiaomi Gateway (On sale also in the firm’s store). If you buy it without having this other device, it will not work at home. Keep that in mind.

Xiaomi and its domotic environment

Xiaomi has more and more products designed to make our house smarter. Among the best known is the Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Set, with several sensors, which allow for example to control whether a door or window of the house is open (and let us know in that case or regulate other devices in the house to manage their energy accordingly).

It also has in its portfolio with its popular smart light bulbs, which we already dedicate an extensive article, as well as with other home equipment also to control or manage from a mobile application such as your scale, your connected surveillance camera or the motion sensor with alarm – under these lines.

The good results together with a good and tight price make Xiaomi has gradually stood out as one of the brands to consider when thinking about a simple domotization of home.

Price and availability of Xiaomi Mini Smart Socket

The new Xiaomi Mini Smart Socket plug, perfectly adapted to the European market can be found on Aliexpress for a price of 18 euros.

We imagine that at some point it will appear on Amazon or the official Xiaomi store, although for the moment, it is only possible to find it through the Chinese distributor.

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