Home Mobile Xiaomi: Find out how many millions spent to develop Mi MIX Alpha!

Xiaomi: Find out how many millions spent to develop Mi MIX Alpha!

Xiaomi: Find out how many millions spent to develop Mi MIX Alpha!

Yesterday was the big day of the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha presentation, which surprised everyone and everything. This was expected as the replacement of the Mi MIX 4, but it eventually presented a totally unique, revolutionary and conceptual design. That is, its price is ridiculously high and will be available in limited quantities.

It is not difficult to imagine that the manufacturer has invested a lot of money and resources in this smartphone, considering the great technological leap it represents. But it would hardly point to the value revealed by Lei Jun.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha cost over 60 million euros to develop!

According to the brand CEO, development of the Mi MIX Alpha began two years ago and had over 1,000 elements involved in the project. From the beginning of the project, until the date of its presentation, Lei Jun states that Xiaomi has invested about 63 million euros in this 'concept smartphone'.

If you think this is already an abysmal value, Jun has revealed that they are putting in place strategic plans that will result in an investment of over € 1.3 billion in R&D.

Can MIX Alpha justify such an investment?

If we do not look at this smartphone as a mass product, it is easy to understand why such a big investment. While most manufacturers are working on developing folding smartphones, Xiaomi has decided to take another approach.

The Mi MIX Alpha has an unbelievable 180% screen / body ratio, when most manufacturers couldn't even get close to 100%. Plus, all of your software has been optimized to make the most of your impressive screen, making it a great productivity tool.

High-end specifications would be required on a smartphone of this level. However, it is important to note that its triple rear camera features the first 108MP sensor, the result of a partnership between Samsung and Xiaomi.

It is true that it came with a price tag of around € 2500, but this is not a smartphone intended for the masses. Instead, we should look at it as "a mirror for the future of smartphones".

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