Xiaomi Extendable Smartphone Impresses Anyone in New Patent


Xiaomi has already proved to be one of the brands most concerned with being bold in the mobile segment. The MI Mix Alpha, with a screen that covers the front and back of the smartphone is proof of this.

After Samsung, Huawei or Motorola submit their proposals for a folding smartphone, the official proposal of Xiaomi remains in the gods' secret. A new patent gives us insight into that.

Reproduction of Xiaomi's extensible smartphone patent. Credit: Let's Go Digital

Device easily switches from smartphone to tablet

Thanks to Let’s Go Digital, the patent for an extensible smartphone was reproduced through a sidebar. Basically, it easily shifts from a smartphone format to a tablet format, extending laterally.

The patent in question was filed in 2018 and published on December 6, 2019. It should be recalled that LG recently launched a very similar design with a device that also extends laterally to a tablet format.

Although we are seeing something only on paper, the difference is that the Xiaomi device looks more robust. In terms of design, the rear and front cameras end up being placed at the ends, outside the extensible zones.

This is another interesting concept that, for now, is just that. It will be interesting to see if Xiaomi will make it a real product in the future, as it may be an interesting solution to alternatives like the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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